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Cathcart Attractions
Cathcart Golf Club: less than 5 km
1853 Settlers Milestone: 11 km

Just 146km from East London, Cathcart is a small town at the foot of the Windvogelberg Mountains on the N6 just north of Stutterheim. The town is alive with well maintained examples of nineteenth century architecture and was named, in 1876, after George Cathcart, governor of the Cape Colony from 1852 to 1854. Local shops feature intricate trelliswork, iron pillars and arched windows and Kenya Corner is the original settlement of corrugated station houses.

Originally chosen for its defensive potential, this same position now means Cathcart is popular for gliding from its hill slopes, where thermal air currents allow limitless soaring. The area boasts a number of beautiful wild flowers, some of them found nowhere else in the world and on a clear day, residents say you can see the Drakensberg Mountains.

Other activities in Cathcart include: mountain biking, fishing - a few dams are stocked with bass - bird watching, horse riding, garden tours and farm holidays.