Tourist Attractions in Hlatikulu Valley, Drakensberg & Surroundings, KwaZulu-Natal

Tourist Attractions near Hlatikulu Valley, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Ncibidwane Tea Room

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Drakensberg, road to Giants Castle

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Giants Castle

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Giants Castle
White Mountain Area

Forest Lodge

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Elandshoek from P171, Bushmans River

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High Thorn Farm
High Thorn Farm in Hlatikulu Valley, KwaZulu-Natal
Highthorn Farm is self catering guest house in the Drakensberg. we have 13 beds. Drakensberg self catering drakensberg self catering cottage with 13 beds drakensberg self catering drakensberg self catering

Situated just a few kilometres from the Giant's Castle Nature Reserve and dwarfed by the backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains and in particular Giant's Castle itself is the Hlatikulu Valley. The valley is a picturesque setting for a wide variety of accommodation to be found in the area. This includes cottages, bungalows and a caravan park as well as hosted accommodation. This is an excellent stopping off point for access to the Drakensberg Range.

For many centuries the nearby berg was home to the San or Bushmen, and evidence of their occupation is preserved in the hundreds of stick-like animals painted on the walls of caves in the Reserve. More than 40% of all known rock art in South Africa can be found in this area.

Game in the reserve includes some eleven species of antelope as well as jackal, baboon, serval and caracal. There are more than 800 species of flowering plants to be found here including 63 ground orchids.